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15 July 2016
A mother co-sleeping with her child (NZ Herald)   You may have heard about the Ministry of Health and it's refusal to fund a 'safe-sleeping' device for at-risk babies. They're called pepi-pods - and they're essentially a small woven basket. What they do is allow babies to sleep in... Read More
15 July 2016
TAHA Press Release ‘No Poverty by 2030’ - Goal but no plan New Zealand has made a commitment to achieving the sustainable development goal of “No Poverty” by 2030. Approximately 305,000 Kiwi kids live in poverty – an increase of 45,000 over the last year. Since ratifying the Sustainable... Read More
9 July 2016
More babies die each year from Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy (SUDI) in New Zealand than anything else. Olivia Carville investigates why the Government has shelved a simple device that could save lives. By Olivia Carville Baby Ocean Pene died in her sleep, probably accidentally... Read More
15 July 2016
The Ministry of Health has defended its stance on refusing to fund a Maori safe-sleeping device and received backing from Health Minister Jonathan Coleman over its "evidence-based approach" to the issue. But the ministry's defence is at odds with international infant death experts. A lack... Read More
17 July 2016
The National President of the Maori Women’s Welfare League is appalled at the hypocrisy of a Government where one department proclaims children are taonga and another cuts funding to a programme that has helped to save babies lives. This week it was revealed the Ministry of Health specified... Read More
19 July 2016
Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals for Women and Children and their Families Focusing on maternal and child health within a holistic framework. TWO WEEKS TO GO #c4change2016... Read More
15 December 2015
Nearly one-third of all New Zealand children are living in poverty and more than half of those kids will never escape it. The latest Child Poverty Monitor report, released by Children's Commissioner Russell Wills, laid out a grim reality for more than 300,000 children.  It draws on a... Read More
29 October 2014
Prime Minister John Key has defended the Government's position on child poverty, after a United Nations report slammed progress made on the issue by saying it had barely made a dent.   New Zealand's child poverty rates have come down by less than half a per cent since 2008, according... Read More
18 July 2016
A large proportion of New Zealand teenagers are living in poverty, a study has revealed. The research from Auckland University showed almost one in five secondary school students and nearly half of all Pacific students were struggling. Significant differences between ethnicities were... Read More
4 July 2016
To make every sleep a safe sleep for all infants   Regional policy for the four District Health Boards in the Northern Region. Endorsed by the Northern Region Child Health Steering Group   Introduction This northern regional policy has been developed to ensure the... Read More